Outlaw (@OutlawArtist) ‘GoldSoul’

Outlaw 'GoldSoul

Outlaw releases his anticipated project ‘GoldSoul’ with features by SuperflyKy, Sidney Leroy, Bo Clarke, Natalie Eudelle, Rageouz, Ayar ,Oswin Benjamin, Kieron Boothe, SCRiBE The Verbalist and Growns. also expect to hear production on the album by Seventh Wonder, Jelacee, Outlaw himself and many more.

Outlaw talks about the project and says, “This is a very personal project to me, one inspired by every day life in my shoes. Dreams, aspirations, downfalls, triumphs, vices, victories, things already passed and things to come are all neatly rolled up into this body of work.”

This is a project of 4 years worth of life and experiences in New York. He says “Overall my wish is that someone might resonate with my expression through GoldSoul; whether it be gathering positive vibes from my message or simply a good feeling from the melding of lyrics with instrumentation; I hope I can make you feel something.”

Chronicling your life over a 4 year period and putting it all out there is brave. Outlaw is transparent with listeners and fans, basically an open book. Listen to the full project below.

“Gold soul, I shine even if I’m solo, rise high, I abide by none of these lows… Gold soul.” – Outlaw

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