Oswin Benjamin (@OswinBmusic) x Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) ‘Rosenberg’

OswinBmusic  Peter Rosenberg 'Rosenberg'

NYC rhymesayer Oswin Benjamin is hoping his latest feature will catch the ear of Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and end up on his Real Late Show. And it just might happen; featuring Penacho Beats‘s dreamy sample work and some characteristically engaging bars from the unsigned emcee, the record’s most definitely “good enough” to earn a spot on the playlist. ‘Rosenberg’ is just a loosie, but you can expect a lot more new music from Oswin Benjamin in the weeks and months ahead.

Also, watch a live performance of ‘Rosenberg’ from Oswin’s recent MajorStage concert & a powerful performance he ended the show with in NYC after the jump.

“Rosenberg” Live performance:

Powerful Performance at Major Stage:

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