Oppo (@iamoppo) ‘My ThrOWN’ [Prod. By Oppo]

My ThrOWN (Prod. By Oppo)

Oppo is both a rapper and producer from Pennsylvania. On July 24th, 2011 while living in Hawaii, he was on his way back from a show when the car he was in was hit dead-on by a drunk driver. Even though he was in the back seat, he fractured his skull, broke his neck, broke some ribs and fractured a hip. He is now in a powered wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down and has no use of his hands or fingers. He still manages to produce new beats with an iPad using the Beatmaker 2 app with a stylus strapped to his hand.

All of his music is produced, recorded and mixed by himself. He plans on releasing his debut mixtape sometime this summer of 2014. Get inspired and Stream Oppo’s self-produced single ‘My Thrown’ below.

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