Nsikak (@saythenword) ‘These Moments’


Hard to pronounce Nsikak (en-see-kah) has compiled all his releases into an album that goes in many directions but is successful in every avenue it takes. Filled with an equal amount of catchy hooks and fluent flow, ‘Theses Moments’ oozes with style in it’s production and substance in it’s rhymes. Nsikak balances the personal with pop culture references and wit to create moments of genuine emotion tempered by his straight-faced humour. The rare combination of an emcee with a lot to say and the talent to pull it off.

The production is as clean as it gets, never getting in the way but always sculpting the perfect atmosphere for what the lyrics evoke. With elements of R&B and lounge acts, the beats tend to shuffle and drop in and out often, helping with the dynamics. Generally low-key and smooth production fits well with the laid-back delivery of Nsikik, who also demonstrates his pipes on several cuts, singing the hooks with as much ability as any third party. The result is tracks that sound like they are created by the same hand but different enough to keep it unpredictable and fresh.

Standout tracks include ‘Next Friday’ featuring Big Rece, an anthem for all those living check to check and ‘Good Vibes’, a chill cut that snakes along guided by a simple acoustic guitar riff. The clean and simple production evokes the warmth of the beaches and peaceful escape this song represents. Amanda Yan lends her voice for the hook and is utterly convincing when singing “everything’ll be fine.”

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