Nigel (@artofNIGEL) ‘The Making of ART of NIGEL’ [BTS]

The Art  Of Nigel Documentary

NIGEL© is a young artist out of Charlotte that you should keep your eye on for 2014. He creates what he calls “modern renaissance music,” putting in work with this own engineering, production and writing.

He says, “[I] perform all of my own progressive music to a revolutionary extent. I intend to inspire, motivate and enrich audiences.”

Follow NIGEL© as he takes us through his mini documentary series of the recording process of his new mixtape Art of Nigel, which is expected to drop in the first quarter of 2014. In the series below we also get footage of his performance at the AMCS Bodega out in Charlotte, NC, which features Brio Ankh on the track ‘INFINITY.’

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