New Video: Rikki Woodlin Arrives With New Single Over Fetty Wap’s ‘Again’

If Fetty Wap has been soundtracking your summer; which he probably has, then you need to make room for Rikki Woodlin. She’s a young talent from New York who recently released her own rendition of ‘Again’.

With help from the ContraBAND production team, she turned the trap-star’s pleading for forgiveness into a sassy invitation for embracement that’s hard to refuse.

Rikki signed to Add Ventures Music in May, but this is her first official release. She’s been working with ContraBAND for over a year and together they’ve built a sound we can expect to hear on her EP due later this year.

Check out Rikki Woodlin visuals directed by Mia Carrington above.

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