New Speed on the Beat Listen To ‘The Sorest Loser’

Speed on the Beat - The Sorest Loser

Fresh from his recent singles ‘Don’t Call It a Comeback’ and ‘Se Roquel,’ Baltimore native Speed on the Beat reveals his final album, the timely The Sorest Loser. Drawing influence from artists such as Open Mike Eagle, Big K.R.I.T., Blu, and Kendrick Lamar, the twenty-something former “No-Fi King” sheds light on his life story in a humorous, yet poignantly blunt, way.

The Sorest Loser, named after a quote from Baltimore Orioles legend Earl Weaver, serves as the bookend to a career which started, in some ways, over two decades ago during Speed’s formative years. Featuring boisterous lyrics, revolutionary topics, colorful storytelling, and a sense of self that only SOTB!!! can provide.

The Sorest Loser sets out to showcase why Speed on the Beat is one-of-a-kind in his wunderkind-like ability to “do it all.”

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