New Music Reyna Von Chase ‘Doing It Well (Remix)’ + ‘Jumpman (Remix)’

Reyna Von Chase reignites an old skool classic on her ‘Doin’ It Well (Remix).’ She flows over the beat effortlessly as she tells us about a fraudulent lover who seems to lie to her very well. Reyna gets grimey with her lyrics and unleashes her feelings as she deals with having to learn the hard way.

“I don’t even cry no more / I feel so distraught / I done sold my soul / to a fraudulent guy,”
sings the Brooklyn, New York recording artist.

As a bonus, have a listen toReyna Von Chase over Drake & Futures’ hit single ‘Jumpman’ and check out her latest visuals for ‘L.A.D.R (Let a Dog Roam)’ here.

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