New Music: MP & Vokab ‘Strength In Numbers LP’

MP & Vokab-Strength In Numbers LP

MP & Vokab hail from the Seattle area and keep it authentic with the northwest sound. Vokab is a known performer and battler participating in many battle leagues such as King of The Dot, Grindtime and Ground Zero and has traveled and performed all over the US.

Today we get their second collaborative LP entitled ‘Strength In Numbers.’ The 13-track project includes production by Airworks, deadBeat, Aspect One and many others. Listen to the full stream below.

Track List:

01-Strength In Numbers (Produced by Airworks)
02-Bump (featuring Tantrum) (Produced by deadBeat)
03-Passenger Seat (Produced by Aspect One)
04-N.W.H.H. (Produced by 5th Sequence)
05-Whisper (featuring Matt Mattix) (Produced by Airworks)
06-Go Away (featuring Mostafa and Destiny) (Produced by Airworks)
07-Story Telling (Produced by Airworks)
08-Must Be Love (Produced by Airworks)
09-Up In The Air (featuring Free Guns For Kids) (Produced by Tapez Productions)
10-Full Spin (Produced by Tapez Productions and Aspect One)
11-Who’s Line Is It Anyway? (Produced by Airworks)
12-Numbers In Strength (Produced by Airworks)
13-Not Leaving (Produced by 9eleven)

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