New Music: Kid Bracer Releases New Single ‘Rise Of The Youngers’ (ROTY)

Kid Bracer has released a brand new single entitled ‘Rise Of The Youngers’ (ROTY). A track with positive mind set and message behind the song. The versatile British rapper steps in his avenue of rap and goes back in time with the beat choice collaboration with ‘Moxicar Beats’ and installs motivation to the youth of today. This Song has been premiered early in the UK with ‘Certified UK’.

“The youth or in other words ‘the Youngers’ are coming and continuing to perform and hoping to expand in the future, me included we are going to be the leaders of the next generation and we are the future, pushing the envelope forward and bringing success to the music culture” said Kid Bracer.

“It isn’t easy but the urban scene in the UK is in a good place right now, we as artist’s need to bridge the gap between each other and move as a unit, having saying that youth have big influence on that” – Kid Bracer

After releasing a string of songs last one called ‘Flexxin’ Kid Bracer wanted to display I different style to his rap arsenal. His more favoured style of rap with this track ‘Rise of the Youngers’ it defines meaning and substance to his rap and also maintaining the same energy levels of his previous songs.

‘Rise Of The Youngers’ (ROTY) is the latest single Kid Bracer has released heading up for the awaited debut EP ‘KidOnTheBlock’ that is set to be released this Summer 2015.

Kid Bracer - Pandora 2.0

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