New Music: Gone Wallace Releases New LP ‘|HAVEN|’

Gone Wallace - HAVEN

Taking over a year to complete, Philadelphia artist Gone Wallace releases his a new LP |HAVEN|. The well planned out project coming in at 15-tracks, chronicles his life throughout that period of time.

Wallace says “The project is a sonic a representation of how I spent my last 6 months. The borders in the title symbolize the safe place I find in making music. Through this medium, I feel like I can discuss certain issues and express myself how I couldn’t outside of it.”

This project comes equipped with individual artwork for each track and an accompanying documentary, which Gone Wallace plans to release on a later date.

Check out the tracklisting and have a listen to the project below.

1. Just Us League
2. Project Mayhem
3. I’m a Cult Classic
4. Training on Dagobah
5. People’s Eyebrow
6. Smallville
7. Royal(Tiye)
8. Queen’s Only
9. Love Jones
10. Flying Nimbu – Hyperdrive
11. Lilakoi Moon
12. Lisa Bonet
13. Journey Through The Forest
14. Tree of Might
15. CULTure

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