New Album: City Fidelia ‘A Pisces World’

City Fidelia 'A Pisces World'

Montreal-born Ottawa and Brooklyn bred rapper City Fidelia has taken inspiration from his ever changing surroundings; and it shows. With the influences of soul, jazz, and r&b from his absent musician father,and an introduction to battle rap from his older brother.

As City grew older so did his music hearing some of hip hop’s raw voices such as Nas,Biggie, and Jay-Z. it ignited a fire in his spirit and City immersed himself Into music and year by year City counties to master his craft.

With his latest release “A Pisces World”, City Fidelia‘s fluid rap vocals float over hypnotic bass-heavy production. “This project defines me as an artist” he says of the 9-song album. “I want people to understand that there’s
blessing in every situation and for people to embrace their flaws”

The driving force behind his movement ONF (Old New Fashion Collective) his message & music speak to individuality, love, loyalty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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