New Music By Taya Sophie Listen To ‘Leaving’

Taya Sophie 'Listen'

Manchester singer songwriter Taya Sophie is back with her brand new offering titled, ‘Leaving’ and is another impressive track to add to a steady growing list.

Ready to carry on the momentum that was generated from her last track ‘F**ked Up,’ this track displays her wide range of singing abilities whether it is hitting high notes or singing smooth melodies.

Taya Sophie explains what ‘Leaving’ means to her, “Leaving is a song about a father and daughter relationship. When people first listen to the song, they always think it’s about a boyfriend relationship, but it’s not. The song was written to illustrate how close a father and daughter can be, especially at an early stage. The song talks about a daughter leaving her father in order to move in and live with her boyfriend. The essence of the song explains the highs and lows of this type of relationship. We shot a video for ‘LEAVING’ in Manchester last year, which will be coming out very soon. Once you watch the video, everything will make sense!

Currently working on new material, this is the first installment that is from her new body of work that will only whet your appetite from wanting to hear more from this promising young songstress.

Hold tight for the visuals as you listen to the single above.

Taya Sophie – Leaving

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