New Music By TAME, The Aspiring Me Feat. B L A C K I E Listen To ‘Honestly’


Produced by Mulciber with additional keys by TAME, the single ‘Honestly’ is a melting pot of creative input. The artwork provided by visual artist Emily Whitamore connects to the track as B L A C K I E and TAME become the beam of guidance through MLCBR’s soundscape. Not one to leave a track untouched, TAME applies layers while warping the calling of the track; taking you to a sense of elevation when it is all over.

TAME is setting up to go on tour to promote his new project OK, Whatever with AF THE NAYSAYER, which kicks off on November 1. Have a listen to the single and check out the full project after the break.


TAME, The Aspiring Me - THE ASPIRING ME II: OK, Whatever