New Music By StressGods Stream ‘Sierra Leone’

From New York City to Atlanta, Mo’Haze and Steve Ricks are presently getting ready for the arrival of their debut album. On the heels of the release of their Mr. Cheeks-featured single titled ‘How We Do,’ the StressGods reemerge with the third as well as final release before they give us their new LP. Produced by Sonny Digital, ‘Sierra Leone’ pays homage to the beset locale known for its excellent stones.

StressGods have discovered quietness in clearing their own particular path while creating a sound that is so unmistakable, particularly in an era where so much music appears to piggyback the style of others. ‘Sierra Leone’ is viewed as a motivational single to a few, while others will be adrenalized by it’s energetic nature.

While depicting the expectations behind the single, the pair clarified, “We’re contrasting ourselves with jewels, much the same as the ones dove up in Sierra Leone. Everybody is a treasure waiting to be discovered. You gotta trust it, forget about the soil, and continue sparkling keeping in mind the end goal to discover genuine clarity in whatever you do in life.” StressGods’

GodSpeed album is due out soon.

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