New Music By Renima Watch ‘BillyClubs’ (Preview)

Renima 'Suspect'

With his debut album “Suspect.90 | Lost Kids”, Renima is opening the minds of young men and women all over the world. Not only the younger generation, but spreading knowledge to the most knowledgeable. A mixture of strong integrity and soft tones concludes the music that influences it’s listeners.

Incorporating his influences in his music, Renima changed the dynamics of Hip-Hop by adding a distinct sound. Besides his musical influences, being an illustrator influences him to have a much wider vision for his music. Stating, “I focus on making music that’s real and from the heart and not so much worrying about if it’s different to someone else. Everyone wants to stand out and be different, and end up following trends anyway. So how do I stand out? Being me.”

Later recalling, “I make music to highlight real emotions and paints pictures that people can relate with and share with one another. I plan to use my music to lead the generation that I feel is lost. I want to bring people together and create a balance in the substance of the music industry. I plan on making music that will drive change amongst the way our generation thinks and lives their lives.”

“Suspect.90 | Lost Kids” is being released on January 22, 2016. Be sure to follow the journey and expect its release on all social websites and music outlets; Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Below is a preview of Renima’s single ‘BillyClubs,’ which will be on the upcoming project.

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