New Music By Nascarr Nat Featuring J Hustle Listen To ‘Roll’

Nascarr Nat set out to collaborated with fellow artist J Hustle on an explosive brand new track ‘Roll.’ The song is a perfect example of how a melody can bring something special to the rap genre. The intro to the song is a great example, with some really vibe-driven autotuned vocal melodies that make me think of artists such as T-Pain or Lil Wayne, just to mention a few.

On this track, the vocal effects are used to create a truly special and unique atmosphere on this track. The verse goes on with a really insane lyrical flow, blending melody and energy, as the beat goes on. The sound of the beat has got a really cool 808-type drum machine feel, and the synth pads are amazing. There are some great background textures, as well as some bell-like notes adding clarity and depth to the track.

‘Roll’ is a great single with some chill vibes, yet a lot of energy, have a listen below.

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