New Music By Devine Carama Feat. Deacon The Villain ‘Thorns In My Crown’

In October Devine Carama released a boom bap and lyrically charged smorgasbord in the form of his 7th full-length album, Kingtucky. Based on his fan’s feedback, they considered the project to be his strongest to date. Continuing with that momentum, Carama released Kingtucky: Break Loops & B-Sides, which features exclusive remixes of Kingtucky songs as well as brand new tracks that were left off the original version.

Before releasing the 11-track project on the 29th, he wanted to give fans an appetizer. The release entitled ‘Thorns In My Crown’ features CunninLynguists’ front man and long time collaborator Deacon The Villain. You can stream the hauntingly soulful and Obvious produced track below.

“The concept of this song is about sacrifice. Deacon and I talked about the strategic we made as artists to bypass some of the trendier elements of hip hop in order to stay true in the music we create and the message we spread. The title came from Jesus’ Crucifixion. Though he dawned a crown, it was throned and worn as he was being sacrificed for a greater purpose. Without sounding too blasphemous, we too feel as though we are sacrificing by refusing to acquiesce to the popular waves in the culture for a greater purpose.” – Devine Carama

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