New Music By Ben Steezy Listen To #MTW

#MTW is the breakout single from Ben Steezy and the indie Hip Hop label Gone Green Records. Have a listen to the single and let us know what you think.

Ben Steezy is an Arizona native who has been writing and recording Hip-Hop since he was 14 years old. His message has power without coming off as preachy and each word is devised to be meaningful in a way that takes the listener through a full palette of emotions. After countless run ins with the law, multiple arrest, struggles with substance abuse, and a 3.5 year sentence to the Arizona Department of Corrections, Ben Steezy is back on the local Hip-Hop scene and writing and recording with a vengeance.

His new found gratitude and inner peace that has been the serendipitous effect of sobriety adds a new dimension to his music that will captivate and inspire his audience for years to come.