New Mixtape: Producer Lecks Releases ‘Brooklyn Everyday’

Brooklyn Everyday

NYC music Producer Lecks, is on a mission to preserve the culture of Hip Hop over quality beats reminiscent of the 90’s Boom Bap era. His recent 10-track project  entitled Brooklyn Everyday, takes you through a musical journey of good vibes and tribute to old skool Hip Hop.

The standout track named after the release is a raw, gritty treat for any real Hip-Hop fiend. Check out the full tracklisting and listen to some of project below.

1. Guess who
2. Vanillia Fudge
3. Lockdown
4 .Twilight
5. Rainy Night
6. Underground Railroad
7. Spring Crush
8. Brooklyn Everyday
9. The Juxxx
10. Nasty

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