New Mixtape: AlaskaMC ‘Focus On What You Love (F.O.W.Y.L)’


Focus On What You Love (F.O.W.Y.L) is AlaskaMC’s debut hip hop mixtape that journeys through Alaska’s multicultural and international life. Keeping it grounded, flexing his lyrical skills on a collection of hip hop, RNB, trap and street bass bangers, the project features guest vocalist Oni, Adante, S.I.C.N.I.S., Justice Hotep, G.R.I.M.M., Deen Janjua, Applz SanRA & MDRtillery.

Produced on F.O.W.Y.L include D’Major, Kenny G, Gen0, King Starz,Total Kaos, Kingpin. This is one to test the speakers and mindstate whether you’re on road, at home, in the ride or at the club.

“Pushing the boundaries and taking it to the limit, cos you know when it comes to hip hop it’s all about the drop and Alaska 4sho don’t stop!” – AlaskaMC

Download of the mixtape available on or by clicking the mixtape cover above.

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