New By Southern Goon Listen To ‘Money ≠ Value’ [Mixtape]

Southern Goon’s Money ≠ Value is about removing the value of the dollar and appreciating whatever we are able to hustle, remembering that no matter the circumstance the value comes from the grind, the value comes from the worth and when we remove the substance from behind the money and what it can give us, we are able to learn more, appreciate more, and benefit more from the value of the hustle and not the worth.

In the world we live in today we are faced with the idea to believe that the next dollar gotta be as great as our idolizer, not realizing that no matter the value what is justified is the fact that we went out and earned it.

Southern Goon from the independent label Spy Gang Music, is here to tell his story, share his values and impose the discipline needed to make his next hustle greater than his last. Join him, his team and followers on this gem collection. 9 tracks of straight gems, stories and vibe.

Money ≠ Value is available on all streaming platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and where a music can be streamed.