New Album Release By Jake Kost Listen To ‘Stadtluft Macht Frei’

Jake Kost - Stadtluft Macht Frei (Album)

Portland artist Jake Kost releases new album Stadtluft Macht Frei, a 10-track project featuring the likes of; El Ay, Michael Zoah and Denzel Ryley.

If you’re not up on your German, Stadtluft Macht Frei means “the city air makes you free,” which serves as a fitting titled to this project as it is a breath of fresh air. Strapped with jazzy samples, beat break drums and soul infused production, this body of work is unquestionably an underground jewel.

On this album Jake takes the audience on a trip with each track, showing us his versatility and dynamic wordplay. You get a mid-90’s vibe when you go through the album and feel Kost’s good energy all the way through.

Have a listen to Jake Kost’s Stadtluft Macht Frei below and let us know what you think.