New Album: hLX ‘East of Gravity / Left of Hell’ [Instrumental]

hLX 'East of Gravity Left of Hell'

hLX releases his new album East of Gravity / Left of Hell, an 11-track self-produced project with a “cinematic” feel.

“I’d refer to “East of Gravity / Left of Hell” as my most “album” album to date in terms of coherence, theme and mood; it stems from a very “cinematic” (think of blade runner meets abstract Hip Hop) state of mind, illustrating my (Buddhist fueled) transition to becoming a more openhearted and peaceful human being,” said hLX.

“It’s all about introspection and dealing with myself as well as an escape from the very same; designed to sit down, kick back & chill, but with a darker edge to it than what people refer to as “chil hop” or “trip hop”
nowadays. Dark but in a cool and optimistic way!”

Have a listen to the instrumental project below, let it take you into the mind of the experimental producer.

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