New Album: Bedrockk Releases R&B/Bass Project ‘Ultra Violet’

Bedrockk 2015

Ultra Violet is the innovative musical offering from San Francisco based artist and label co-founder Bedrockk, aka Dave Marquess, featuring 7 original tracks and a remix from Los Angeles producer P. Morris.

Ultra Violet is Marquess’ modern vision of exploratory pop music extended into 21st century club culture aesthetics. Equal parts dark and vibrant, kinetic yet cerebral, Bedrockk lays out a modern musical language that speaks to all in search of urban innovation.

Marked by the technical culture of his Bay Area home, this is Bedrockk’s flagship musical statement, an EP that bridges the gap between fresh and classic. It is a new world he has created, a place where dreams are echoed in the brightest of hues. Welcome to Ultra Violet.

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