New Album: Apollo Phox ‘Join The Club’ [EP]


‘Join The Club’ sees the British producer enjoy the creative freedom that comes from focusing solely on one’s own system of values.

The EP features classic-sounding Hip Hop production and ethereal vocal samples from the film, which pay homage to the surreal nature of the story that influenced its creation. ‘Join The Club’ also features recent single ‘Arson Meets Monday’, with scratching from DJ Rogue, a stalwart of the Bristol beat scene.

‘Join The Club’ is firmly rooted in Instrumental Hip Hop, with Boom Bap production and chopped-up samples taking centre stage. As with ‘Fight Club’ itself, the EP evokes a state of insomnia as surreal vocal cuts fade in and out of hypnotic rhythmic patterns.

Hailing from Bristol, Apollo Phox usually starts his beat-making process by digging through crates: “I take to record shops and get my dig on; the more obscure the record, the better.” His latest project, however, started with a film: “I was messing around with the quote from Fight Club’s Ikea scene and it all suddenly fell into place like a puzzle piece.”

‘Join The Club’ EP will be released June 15th via UK label and lifestyle brand Province.​ Listen to Apollo Phox’s EP above.

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