NazB Celebrates Easter With The Visuals For ‘Thank You God’

NazB Thank you God Video

Easter is not about them fuzzy bunnies and Easter eggs. NazB brings us back down to earth in the visuals for the track ‘Thank You God.’

NazB’s journey has been an interesting one, it has been one full of persistence and dedication to his craft. His single, “Thank You God,” is a brief story of how God changed NazB’s life through his long journey.

He says, “It’s been a long, long time I’ve been on the road. It’s time to thank you, God, for saving my life. It haven’t been easy, but somehow I made it…” The song itself is a little more R&B in sound, and doesn’t have the stronger African influences of some of his other material.

NazB’s accent is prevalent, but endearing and gives a sound you don’t hear much of in hip-hop these days. While it’s not an earth-shattering track, it’s honest and provides and overall enjoyable listening experience. It’s definitely worth checking out along with NazB’s other work.

written by Michael Weaver of

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