Naystar Wants You To Relax Your Mind Stream ‘Come On’


New music by singer-songwriter Naystar who teams up with producer J-Nice for the new single ‘Come On.’ The single makes you feel some type of way with Naystar’s seductive vocals over a classic base driven soulful production.

“Come On” was written because I wanted to make a song that didn’t degrade men. Often times good men are busy working, trying to provide and take care of those he cares for. So in “Come On”, this was his night to be catered to. It’s his night to clear his mind, lay back and let the woman please him in every way physically. I wrote it and Jimmy Howard also known as “J-Nice” produced the track. The song just feels good. It’s sexy, it makes you want to move. It will always be one of my favorites.” –Naystar

Press play and relax your mind with this R&B goddess below.

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