Music Video: Ballad ‘Faded’

Ballad - Faded

Ballad is his name it’s primarily because he steers his focus towards actual ballads in his R&B. In his latest effort ‘Faded‘ he delivers just that.

“Faded is a very retrospective song produced by regular collaborator Jay Muse, the monochrome video for “Faded” is a sultry affair directed by Alex Fort. Combining loss with lust, the video translates Ballad’s inability to get over a past lover where he turns to drink in a bid to get faded. With his drunken imagination getting the better of him, Ballad conjures up the image of his former flame decked out in lingerie reliving some of their finest intimate moments. “I did a lot to try and dull those feelings,” Ballad admits. “I wanted to find something to make them stop. Not being able to know how she was doing, or even hearing her voice really ate me up inside, and I knew it was because I wasn’t over the relationship.”

Watch The seductive visuals below, follow Ballad @MrLoveBallad

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