Mr. Pure (@MrPure4) ‘My Loyalty’

Mr Pure 'My Loyalty'

Collaborating with fellow label-mate and in-house producer, C.Norman (Chicago, Illinois), Mr. Pure has delivered his 4th deliciously unorthodox musical platter, already being quickly consumed and shared by musical connoisseurs across the United States and United Kingdom!

With the “limbo state” that music/hip-hop is currently in, few artists are remaining true to lyricism and originality, while most are just chasing a deal and being everything but real. Mr. Pure has not only remained true to his sound and the vision of D.Liberat.Records – to remain Purposely.Different™, but they have simultaneously re-created the metaphoric “grain” which is to be gone against. Hailing from the gritty City of Markham, Illinois, and then graduating from the University of Illinois with 2 degrees, Mr. Pure conveys both his street and book intellect through his expert word play, over the symphony like productions of fellow Illinois Alum, C.Norman.

Why bother even listening to his project? It’s simple; because any TRUE music lover has to be feeling that there is a void in the game right now. Yes, K.L’s “Control” verse sparked a glimmer of hope for a return to lyricism, for a few months – but here we go again with the fluff rap. BUT, if you are tired of searching for an album that you can listen to and actually remember what was said because it meant something, LOOK NO FURTHER; D.Liberat.Records Presents: My Loyalty.