Mouse Sucks (@mousesucks) ‘Lacey’s Forehead’

Mouse Sucks

Mouse Sucks is a twenty year old artist out of Toronto, who is currently living in NY, that released the short album ‘Lacy’s Forehead’ earlier this year. Handling all production and vocal duties himself Mouse Sucks does not play it safe in these seven tracks. Often wildly experimental with abrupt breaks of Sailor Moon samples and auto-tuners creating helium pitched sing-song hooks, ‘Lacey’s Forehead’ blends genres and styles while remaining a rap album at heart. Mouse Sucks has created psychedelic hip hop that would be more at home at a modern art exhibit than at a club.

The most successful track of the bunch is ‘Yvette of the Debbies’. With a flow that evolves and tampers with all possibilities, Mouse Sucks hits the perfect balance of humour, style and accessibility with this track. He manages to cram two addicting hooks into one song, displaying not only a strong singing voice but also an ear for melody. With clean production, memorable hooks and laugh-out-loud moments, it’s hard not to get excited by this young artist’s work.

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