Moomdaddy (@Moomdaddy) ‘Massa-Shoot-Shit (Chiraq Reelmix)’

Moomdaddy Chi-Raq Remix

In this track, Moomdaddy once again exercises his lyricism, personality and witty wordplay alongside his fellow Reel Lyfe Society crew member “Gee.P.A”. Many people left their mark on this beat, but Moom felt nobody did ANY type of desolation to the beat properly, not even NICKI!

‘Massa-Shoot-Shit’ was a common name used as a nickname for his state, (Massachusetts) when the city of “Boston” became recognized as an unsafe area a few summers back. Still is a violent place, not displayed as so anymore, Moom & Gee.P.A had to remind the people who still visit or live in the metro area that there still are hooligans out there that still cause terror.

Stream/Download the ‘Massa-Shoot-Shit (Chiraq Reelmix)’ below.