Molly Mal (@RealMollyMal) ‘The Encounter’ EP

Mally Mal 'The Encounter EP'

Peace Flight Presents:The highly anticipated new project from Molly Mal out of Tampa Bay, Fl entitled The Encounter EP.

This is Molly Mal’s debut tape, which is packed with high lyrical content and production that will quickly become a favorite in your unsigned collection. Mal describes himself as being hungry, which you can hear all throughout The Encounter EP which features a wide range of different sounding songs with an extremely well thought out structure behind the project.

Listen to the tape below while Mal lives out his dreams and makes you want to go out and get yours. He says, “It’s a story you haven’t heard, so take minute out your day put on your best head phones and enjoy”

Mally Mal 'The Encounter EP' tracklisting