Mic Write (@MicWrite) Ft. Doss The Artist ‘H.O.M.E.S.’

Mic Write 2015

H.O.M.E.S. = Heaven Of My Everyday Surroundings. It’s a song from the 1st in a trilogy of EPs, #MorrisCode. On one hand, the video & song are a response to the savior complexes & gentrification & negative stigma aiming to infect my city. On the other, its a love letter for my home, its loyal people & everyone else coming from some place that some system wants to convince you to hate in order to steal, to rename & erase in order to own.​​​​

“With the video for H.O.M.E.S., I wanted to take you walking & rainmanning;the art of being in one’s own world & rapping to themselves, along with me & Doss on some tried & true Detroit shit,” said Mic Write. “I wanted you to absorb our hoods the way we do here- headphones in, walking through the streets, city in your skin. And I think Ben Friedman; the videographer, did a dope job capturing that.”

Watch the Detroit Emcee as he takes us on a journey through his hood. “Headphones in, world out.”

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