Mic Blaque (@MicBlaque) ‘Respect the Cool’ EP


Mic Blaque is an engineer and emcee out of Brooklyn and last month dropped his latest release entitled ‘Respect the Cool’. Working with an assortment of different producers such as DJ Semaj and Blak Mic but still keeping an easy-going flow throughout, never getting too hype. This isn’t a bad thing, Blaque has got a tight flow and is a skilled lyricist resulting in a classic hip hop vibe. He does away with your typical hooks most of the time in favour of non-stop verses that keep the head bobbing.

Sonically, ‘Respect the Cool’ is filled with piano, horn and string samples instead of your typical synth. A lot of the time it’s a nostalgic sound but twisted into something modern and inventive. The first single ‘The Art, The Cool’ is filled with pop culture references as well as a mission statement to create something new and different. Swelling strings, funk guitar and muted horns are just a couple of things interwoven into this chill mix. Whether it’s new and different or just tightly made, confident hip hop is up to you, but it is definitely worth a couple listens so check out his EP below. 

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