MC Elijah Black (@MCElijahBlack) feat. Tan Brown (@tanbrownsings) ‘Lucid Loving’


For the past four year MC Elijah Black has been a staple in the New York underground hip hop scene and he has just dropped his first single of the year, ‘Lucid Loving’ featuring a soulful performance by Tan Brown. Throughout the six minutes Black demonstrates every trick in the bag, he flexes his vocal chords with some smooth singing, hits us with his practiced flow and turns it up with some fast rapping as well. Brown lends a lot of beauty to the track, cooing at times, supporting Black with harmonies and handling the hook. Her voice has a smoky softness that gives the track a nostalgic feel and she has plenty of room to demonstrate it with a verse of her own as well. 

The production is ethereal with a hardly recognizable piano drenched in reverb supported by a boom bap beat. It gives focus to the talent that really makes this track shine and gives it a moodiness that flirts with beauty and sadness. A good start to the year for Black and here’s hoping it is just the beginning.

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