Mateo Amarei Liberates Visuals From Penthouse Suite Watch ‘Hunnit’


Debut visuals for Mateo Amarei’s single ‘Hunnit,’ which will live on his upcoming EP Penthouse Suite. The Houston native gives us a classy black and white video to a track which deals with a break up from a side piece. He gently breaks it down for the woman in a conversation via text knowing that it will break her heart. Staying true to himself and the situation he keeps it 100, so she can move on.

A classic R&B track for the new school and those who appreciate great runs and falsettos. Téo is on his way to becoming one of the leading faces in the new generation of R&B. His reps say that he’s on a quest to create not just great music but an atmosphere that will allow others to feel good about themselves in that exact moment and remember it forever.

Check out the video below directed by Demarcus Adams.

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