MarcDBeats Releases 4th Installment In The ‘Got Beats?’ Series

MarcDBeats Presents Got Beat Vol. 4 Trap Edition

MarcDBeats hits the world with the 4th installment in his Got Beats? series, this time taking it to the Trap.

“It’s finally here! After a short delay due to an unexpected project (Kendrick Lamar Tribute), I officially announce the fourth tape in the “Got Beats?” series. Going with the trap route, I decided to showcase my composition skills by gathering worthy, dynamic samples and constructing my own twists and instrumentation throughout.

From experience, I now understand the importance of putting together these small projects, for artists and listeners, alike. The support generated is absolutely amazing, and I want to thank you all, again, for pushing me on this journey. Many people are able to sonically hear the growth, and I can promise you, it gets better.

I have my eyes set on numerous projects and collaborations at this very moment, and I pray you all support me to the top. I’m just getting warmed up. Oh yeah, shout out to the great AllUnsigned.” – MarcDBeats

Have a listen to the full project below and head over to MarcDBeats official website at for his full catalog.

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