M.O.B. Trey (@OfficiallyMOB) ‘Rap’N’Bitches’

M.O.B. Trey 'Rap'N'Bitches'

The new song from M.O.B. Trey called ‘RapNBitches’ is the lead single from the up coming album entitled Triple C’s Project. The record boasts banging, ambient beat by Penacho and is an introspective look into the thoughts and behavior of M.O.B. Trey under the influence. The album is set to be released early next year.

“I’m disappointed in the music genre I call home. Correction, I’m disappointed in the music that gets praised from genre. I want no part of mainstream media. I’ll make my money and music and distribute through my own channels the way I always have so I can avoid what’s currently got me thinking rap music is a trend.” – M.O.B. Trey

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