Listen To TheRealEvk’s New Single ‘Petty’ (Prod. RareGold)

TheRealEvk is here to give the fans a new single after having them wrapped around his mixtape Line of Scrimmage and holding fans off with his one track a week off his tape before his most recent drop. “Petty” definitely speaks volumes as 2016 ended and we walked into the new year (2017) nothing but pettiness has settled amongst the music lovers, actors and even those who are just ordinary people. 

“No one care anymore,” TheRealEvk said when asked about what infused the idea behind the song. “No one cares about how you feel, you got to care about you, and like the Urban Dictionary says, “we take small subjects and blow it out of proportion” all the time, so why not continue to do it”?

“Petty” is available via iTunes and Google Play for purchase and available for streaming via Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL.

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