Listen To The Latest Album By Jarv Dee ‘The Red Eye Jedi’

Even though 4/20 has come and gone, weed smokers everywhere are still blazing it up, as is the Moor Gang and Seattle Weed Culture Ambassador Jarv Dee, who recently released the project The Red Eye Jedi.

Keeping with the trend of April releases, Jarv has come through with a zoned out 7-track release, that brings us into the journey of his mind. Jarv Dee gets personal on this project and also holds his own coming in with minimal features by BK’s Kris Kasanova and Ol’ God, out of Seattle.

On this project, Jarv goes in on everyday stresses and not fucking with anybody; utilizing smoking weed as his assist. Listen to the entire project above and be sure to cop Jarv Dee’s previous release, Satellites, Swishers & Spaceships out now on BandCamp.

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