Listen To C.Shreve The Professor Ft. Mike L!VE ‘Bounce’


From the mountains of North Carolina, Free The Optimus MC’s C.Shreve the Professor and Mike L!VE release the single ‘Bounce’ along with bonus track ‘Senseless’ ahead of FTOLive’s December release.

These two tracks showcase the two opposite ends of the spectrum we wanted to represent in the sound of FTOLive. We’re very much hip hop traditionalists so the boom bap pocket of Senseless makes a lot of sense to us. But a huge part of hip hop is being fresh and breaking your own boundaries, so a track like Bounce can coexist side by side from the same 2 artists. FTOLive will straddle both perspectives and countless others in between.

And everybody raps but not everybody snaps / Cats makin tracks but they eight laps back / Lack drive and discipline, but y’all ain’t listenin / Probly be gone by the time they get the picture man… — C.Shreve

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