Listen To Bay Area’s Ensemble Mik Nawooj ‘California Soul’

Ensemble Mik Nawooj - California Soul

Bay Area-based hip hop group Ensemble Mik Nawooj not only know the vibe of the host city, but also how to craft a crowd pumping track. With that, ESPN reached out to EMN and commissioned a re-working of Marlena Shaw’s classic, ‘California Soul.’

On ‘California Soul,’ bandleader JooWan Kim shares, “ESPN reached out to us about a month ago asking if we’d be interested in doing our version of ‘California Soul’ for their 2016 NFL programming to which we said, ‘yes.’ The main objective was to create a song that embodied a strong sense of energy with varied moods while using 2 primary musical elements from the original track. The result, we believe, is an exciting and upbeat piece which pays homage to the diversity and generous spirit of California. It’s our love song for Cali.”

Classically trained Korean composer/pianist, JooWan Kim and his Bay Area hip-hop orchestra, Ensemble Mik Nawooj, are prepping the release of a new LP later in April of 2016. The group promotes a forward thinking, style blending approach to hip hop, while building off of the work of true innovators of the genre.

Have a listen to the track and listen out for it as ESPN has been using it all week as a part of their Super Bowl 50 coverage.

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