Leroy Brown (@leroybrown98) ‘Let’s Get It’

leroybrown 2014

Being a part of the entertainment industry has always been a dream for Leroy Lloyd Stennett Jr who goes by the stage moniker Leroy Brown. Born in Corona Queens, New York, Leroy was given the moniker by a family member who was a fan of American folk rock singer Jim Croce who wrote the song “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and ever since then the name has stuck. Since a young age Leroy has been influenced by Rhythm and Blues, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop as well as Reggae.

Being from a Jamaican family as well as having an aunt (Beverly Kelso) who sang for Bob Marley and The Wailers he was exposed to Reggae music early on in his life which made a major impact on his musical tastes. Leroy knew early on where his passions lie and it was in music. He began to formulate what had been a street dream into reality and began to pursue his musical aspirations. As fate would have it Leroy reconnected with his childhood friend Kevin Pough aka Jo-Yce.

At the time Jo-Yce worked for his cousin who ran a marketing and promotions company called DigiWaxx Media and from that vital connection Leroy began to put pieces to his master plan together. Through DigiWaxx Leroy was able to network in the music industry and meet a lot of the key players in the game. Leroy also played an integral role in breaking new artists such as rapper Mims, reggae artist I-Wayne as well as rapper Smitty. Through his interaction with the artists he came across, Leroy began to contemplate a musical career of his own.

From this dream birthed the singles “Get down low” and “Chocolate Girl” which were heavy on the mixtape and underground scene; the songs also received radio as well as internet play. Still Leroy wanted more; he wanted to be involved in the entertainment business from all aspects. With that aspiration he and childhood friend Jo-yce as well as another close friend, Marqui Dawkins aka Prince.

Below is his latest single ‘Let’s get it’ featuring A-Boogie. Stream/Download below.

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