New Music By Latrell James Listen To ‘The Mentality’

Money being a main motivator in life is a common mindset and a frequently depicted topic in all forms of music. This subject matter is given an experimental twist in becoming the centerpiece of ‘The Mentality,’ a new promotional single from Boston artist/producer Latrell James.

After giving fans some time to delve into the ‘coming of age’ concept of his well-received debut project Twelve, which was released this past May, James kicks off his next chapter of music with an offering that makes its monetary-focused intentions engagingly clear.

Backed by the simplistic yet gleaming self-production (alongside his brother Tedd Boyd), Latrell James utilizes a laid back flow to express his infectious ‘when that money dialing in I should go’ message and as the delivery speeds up, James offers wise words on how people’s assumptions and attitudes come into play when the almighty dollar is at stake.

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