L.A. Music Artist Miles Ryan Releases Debut Album ‘Wallflower’

Miles Ryan 'Wallflower

The last significant noise we heard from Miles Ryan was ‘The Plug’, a bass-driven ode to dealers everywhere. Although the single was well received, it has been a while since we heard from the Los Angeles native. This time he returns with his debut album ‘Wallflower’ (Executive produced by Petro). From the artwork we can gather a sense of dark emotions, and the music lives up to it’s visual counterpart. With songs like ‘Young Superman’ (Prod. by Kole) Miles paints a vivid picture of a domestic dispute between his parents, over production reminiscent of 90’s Snoop & Dre.

From there he takes listeners deeper into his thoughts with songs like ‘Little Rascal’ & ‘God Body’ (Prod. by Petro), two hard-hitting ballads in which he reflects on his surroundings:

‘Please don’t get me wrong / I do bad all on my own / Sometimes I don’t trust myself / Got no heart my conscious gone’

The final tracks ‘Still Do’ & ‘Marley’s Song’ (Prod. by Carlos Perez) provide a sense of resolution within the project. Miles details the history of his relationship leading into the birth of his son.

The project itself is insightful. It is a view into one’s mind, as a debut project should be. With the ‘Words From The Wallflower’ segments serving as the binding factor within the project, the cohesiveness is apparent. For those not aware of the term ‘Wallflower’, one listen through will change that.

Miles Ryan Wallflower Tracklisting

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