KyseanTheDon Drops Debut Mixtape ‘Young Pharaoh’

KyseanTheDon 'Young Pharaoh' MIxtape

KyseanTheDon releases his debut mixtape entitled Young Pharaoh. Coming in at 8 tracks, the Toronto / GTA native’s project includes features by Bianca on the previously released track ‘All I Know’ as well as a feature by Trouble Trouble on the track ‘Telling Me.’

This mixtape is only the half of the Pharaoh/Don series I am doing. The next tape I’m putting out a while from now, will be a collaboration tape with artists that are on the come up from the GTA. After that tape, The Don tape will come out – which is the second half of the Young Pharaoh Mixtape, said KyseanTheDon

The artwork on this project has a deep meaning to it, which ties into the whole concept of the project. Kysean says, “The artwork is a depiction of how the tape will sound. The tape starts off melodic and soft, which represents the half of the face that is plain white showing purity and clarity. The second half of the face is all black, which shows a bad side and a very ignorant side.” He goes on to say “[It’s] Exactly how the tape sounds because the style then switches to something much more dark and the production is a bit more bass friendly. This artwork truly does show that everyone does have a bad side. It is called Young Pharaoh because even though I may age as the years go by, my music will be able to live forever, which goes along with the Egyptian beliefs of preserving the body by wrapping it and putting the Pharaoh’s belongings in the tomb to take into another life because the Pharaoh was thought to live forever.

Have a listen to the project and be on the lookout for the second half to this tape titled The Don.

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