Kysean (@KyseanTheDon) ‘Day One’

Kysean - Day One

Toronto Mc Kysean jumps on Rocky Diamonds ‘Day One’ track Produced by J. Classic off the Artofficial mixtape. Kysean rides the beat like it was made just for him and pays homage to his day one crew DMF.

Kysean The Don rhymes, “Me and Mick goin through beats, me and Brandon spit that heat(you know it), me and Jamie roll to deep luke in the back seat keep the team on its feet d.m.f 20 deep ain’t no snakes in the tree, family tree don’t touch, Adam and Eve, but you wanna eat from the tree and deceive, Quran says, “cut off the hands of thieves.”

Listen to the track below and stay with us for more music by the Toronto native Kysean.

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