Kwes Da Natty Jedi (@KwesDaNattyJedi) ‘R*O*T*I’ EP

Kwes Da Natty Jedi 'ROTI'

Audial epics by ST3 rapper, Kwes da Natty Jedi. Yo boy chills, spits, swags, and flows his way through this 8-track EP. He establishes himself in more than one type of sound, which is commendable in itself. You also get a piece of Kwes the man, in his personal life. It goes deeper than just talking trash on tracks.

Features on the 8 track project include Frozen 10 Awardees, CJ The Genesis and Suede Moccasins among others. Stream the track below, which kicks off with the track Cloud Infinity, produced by Natty Jedi.