Kushy Stash (@Kushy_Stash) ‘Crooked Pimp’


Kushy Stash aka Kushy is a music industry veteran hailing from the Montgomery County, Maryland. Kushy who was formally known as Terrific/Terrific Kush, lived in Atlanta, GA where he was able to develop his musical identity and polish his sound. He was also able to work and influence many of the most popular acts over the last five years.

Kushy has released a plethora of projects that have landed him on stages across the US, either on tour performing or just showing love to his friends in the game. Kushy has taken the work ethic and hustle that has been developed in Atlanta and brought it back to his native DMV area, where he has released his new project “Crooked Pimp.” The project was released on 9.23.14 under the indie label Crooked House Ent., based out of the Washington, DC area.

Stay tuned to see and hear more from Kushy including his follow-up project “Crooked Love” an upcoming EP.

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